About STIS

Unlocking the great oil shale energy resources of the world
About STIS

Mission Statement

The Shale Tech International Services LLC (STIS) mission is to deliver engineering and consulting services to oil shale project developers enabling them to build and operate economically viable and environmentally friendly oil recovery projects using our technology and professional expertise.

Commitment Statement

We are committed to enhancing and licensing the Paraho II™ technology.  Our experienced technical team and our ongoing research and development programs allow STIS to assist our clients through all phases of project development.  From initial resource testing/characterization through detailed facility design, startup and operation, STIS is here to help.

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Who We Are

We are an independent oil shale technology company committed to licensing the second generation Paraho II™ technology.  STIS was formed in 2006 to promote development of the oil shale industry by refining and enhancing the Paraho II™ technology.  This robust process was originally developed over 45 years ago and continues to be demonstrated today at STIS’ pilot plant facility in Rifle, Colorado. Paraho II™ is poised for use in a commercial scale project, and STIS can provide the support required for such a project, including testing, research, and commercial design and scale-up.

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