STIS Research Center

Anticipating future technological needs of the oil shale industry

STIS Research Center

STIS Research CenterAs part of the licensing agreements for the Paraho II™ technology, licensees will have access to STIS’ research and development facilities.

Research and development at STIS consists of a balanced program of theoretical research, experimental laboratory work, and actual process demonstrations in support of engineering scale-up and commercial design. These programs are designed to anticipate future technological needs of the oil shale industry. The experience STIS has gained through the development and operation of the Paraho Pilot & Semi-works Plants has provided an extensive foundation for the continuation of STIS’ R&D program – most recently through extensive involvement in the design, construction, commissioning, start-up and operation of QER’s Technology Demonstration Plant in Gladstone, Australia.

STIS operates a fully functional analytical laboratory and the Paraho II™ Pilot Plant (retorting/oil recovery) at its facility near Rifle, CO. This facility has been in operation since 1983 and has been at the heart of our technological advances throughout the years. At this facility, STIS can prove/disprove theoretical applications by performing laboratory and/or pilot scale testing. STIS’ testing facilities are available to current and future clients to:

        • improve performance
        • test new ideas/technologies
        • examine different operating parameters
        • research new by-products, etc.

The research center consists of an analytical laboratory, bench retort, and continuous pilot scale retort facility which includes retorting and oil recovery systems. The center provides the full range of hardware and skilled personnel necessary to serve the commercialization needs of potential shale resource developers. The need for this type of capability results from the high degree of chemical and physical variations present in oil shales throughout the world. The characterization of these shales and the ability to optimize the design and operation of the Paraho II™ technology for different oil shales can be acquired utilizing our R&D facilities.