Technology Licensing

A full range of customizable technical services
STIS Licensing

Benefits of Licensing

  • Access to and use of the well-tested Paraho II™ technology
  • Access to experienced engineering and operating know-how
  • Access to and use of our analytical laboratory
  • Access to and use of our operating pilot plant
  • Detailed engineering designs and construction drawings
  • FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) / FEL (Front End Loading) Development Assistance
  • Recent advancements to the technology
  • Access to and use of scale-up information from existing licensees
  • Access to and use of future advancements to the technology from licensees
  • Ongoing engineering support of technology
  • Start-up and commissioning services
  • Operations training

With these benefits, licensees will be able to reduce the design time, obtain access to experienced personnel, and decrease project technical risks by using proven technologies.