Bench Retort

A multi-functional experimental testing platform

Paraho II™ – New Bench Retort Experimental Testing Unit


BERT is an adiabatic, batch reactor capable of testing 35-50Kg (75-110 lbs) of shale per run and designed to process shale ranging from 1/8” to 1” in diameter. The retort is coupled to an oil recovery and gas circulation system that removes vapor, oil mist, and moisture from the retort, separates the liquids from the gas stream, and returns the gas to the retort.

Small Scale

Built on a scale that minimizes monetary expenditure so that it can be altered and adapted to new configurations of interest.

Minimized Shale Requirements

Minimizes the consumption of shale and allows for rapid evaluation of gas, liquid, and solid product streams from the retorting process.

Rapid Process Evaluation

Gas Chromatograph analysis turnaround time of about 4 minutes; several runs can be conducted during a test period that will not only analyze the retorting process, but pre and post conditions as well.

Rapid Turnaround Time

The ability to heat-up and cool down quickly allows for rapid turnarounds; usually less than 24 hours per test run.

Flexible R&D Platform

BERT is a multi-functional experimental testing platform that can be easily modified to allow for testing of new and experimental equipment and technology, such as heat transfer between gases and solids; oxygen enriched combustion; gasification; co-processing; and characterization of oil shale resources.

Number of BERT Runs Since 2013