Pilot Plant

A fully functional Paraho II™ demonstration & research plant
STIS Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

The Paraho II™ Pilot Plant is a fully functional demonstration & research plant which includes: Paraho II™ retort, oil recovery system, oil storage, laboratory, and ancillary facilities. The Pilot Plant retort is designed for a continuous shale rate of 2250 lbs/hr [1000 kg/hr], which rate can vary with shale type. The pilot plant is capable of operating in all three heating modes (Direct Combustion, Indirect Heated, and Combination), so the process can be optimized.

Pilot testing is usually conducted for a minimum of 30 days of continuous operations (24hr/day), to determine process stability and on-stream factors. Operations with the pilot plant will provide the necessary data on shale amenability and on the establishment of the design parameters for the construction and operation of commercial oil shale facilities. Standard deliverables from pilot testing are listed below:

Pilot Testing Analysis Report

Report will encompass a full analysis and interpretation of the pilot testing results. Report results will be used as a basis for the Front End Loading Analysis. Included in this report are:

  • Pilot Testing Process Parameters – “Pilot Test Plan”
  • Technology Performance Analysis
  • Preliminary Heat and Mass Balances
  • Process Data (Pressure, Temperatures, Mass Flow Rates, Yields, etc.)
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Samples – Product (Shale Oil), Ash (Spent Shale), Water, Product Gases
  • Test Results – STIS Engineering Department will provide a report and interpretation of the data being produced from the pilot testing.