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Real-Time Shale Processing Technology
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Real-time Kerogen Content Detection

Shale Tech International Services (STIS) has developed a robust production model that determines the grade of shale as it passes along a conveyor belt prior to being fed to the retort. Our model is capable of giving results within 1 gpt of a Fischer Assay (FA) system.

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Sample Spectra with origins

Real-Time Moisture Detection

Our production model is capable of determining the free moisture content of the shale before it enters the retort. This allows us the ability to adjust energy balances in the retort before any moisture related upsets occur.

Real-Time Yield Assessment

By utilizing the NIR shale grade detection results and our Coriolis meters for real time oil make, STIS is able to calculate our production yield instantly, allowing us to make adjustments to the process as needed to ensure our production yields stay on target.

Shale Blending

A dynamic blending process can be developed by utilizing multiple NIR systems over several conveyors to blend shale online and achieve desired kerogen content.

Automatic Retort Functionality

STIS engineers are developing an automation loop that utilizes our online NIR results from shale grade and moisture to automatically adjust control variables within the retort.

Spectra In The Model
Shale Types In The Model
Shale Locations In The Model*

*Shale locations include Utah, Colorado, Canada, Australia, Mongolia and Israel

Utilizing Near Infrared (NIR) for Oil Shale Processing

Presented at the 33rd Oil Shale Symposium, Colorado School of Mines, Oct 2013

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Sample NIR Spectra Origins

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